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Looking for a great pet clinic in your area? There’s no better place than Animal Vaccination Service (AVS) that provides exceptional veterinary care in Toronto, Ontario.

Pets are owned by millions of people around the world. We understand that your pet is not just a pet but part of your family, a real friend and that you care about your pet’s health and well-being. Whether the patient is facing any pain, severe injury, ingestion of any poison or weakness, only Animal Vaccination Service can help your pets. Taking this into consideration, we provide the best care for all small animals.

Animal Vaccination Service has experienced, caring staff, nurses, and doctors devoted to offering an appropriate medical treatment for pets. Owned by an accomplished licensed veterinarian, Dr. Ahmad Badri, who has years of experience, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing a highest quality of primary care for your pets.

An excellent veterinary care calls for proper pet nutrition and complete protection against any problems. To ensure that you practice a responsible pet ownership duties, we do our utmost in helping you out with a health plan and how to take better care of your pets. You can also browse through our videos and articles to get a better understanding of pet care.

Running on the same principles of human care hospital, our animal care centre is fully-equipped with up-to-date equipments and technology to take care of any medical issue. We value time and believe emergency can arise anytime; therefore, we provide immediate medical care to our patients.

For us, every patient is important! As soon as you walk through the doors, our friendly and highly-trained staff will examine the urgency of the case, conduct a preliminary examination followed by necessary assistance. Our staff never run out of ideas to make your pet comfortable, and they know well how to pamper a sick pet. Along with ongoing medical aid, they also have capabilities to provide emotional support through gentle loving care.

Our services include annual health exams,  vaccination for animals, fleas and heartworm prevention, pet identification and wellness testing.

For any kind of Veterinary assistance, do not hesitate to give us a call 416-752-8511 or you can also email us. You can also drop in anytime at our office, and we would be happy to help you!